Definition Of output


a place where power or information leaves a system.

The rear panel is perfectly standard, carrying digital and analog audio outputs , interface and power connectors, and a jumper with pins.

produce, deliver, or supply (data) using a computer or other device.

you can output the image directly to a video recording system

the amount of something produced by a person, machine, or industry.

the diverse range of Liszt's output

Example Of output

  • output from the mine ceased in May

  • Agricultural production from the basin represents 41 per cent of the national output from rural industries.

  • All religious output , a substantial amount of radio drama and contributions to network current affairs are also Manchester-made and the BBC has an orchestra here.

  • As a group they would stand back, observe the machine's output and then discuss minute adjustments to be executed with a screwdriver.

  • At least on poor soils, a plant under attack may be able to make the best of a bad situation by skimping on seed production and investing more in the cheaper process of pollen output ..

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