Definition Of outcast


a person who has been rejected by society or a social group.

No longer could gays and lesbians be treated by society and by the law as social outcasts , a marginal and disposable fringe.

rejected or cast out.

made to feel outcast and inadequate

Example Of outcast

  • Along with the music came an interest in books, which was a guarantor of outcast status back then and probably still is today.

  • Any breakdown in these prescriptions risks serious pollution, bringing danger to those affected and outcast status to the perpetrator.

  • Beth was my best friend and stuck by me unlike my other outcast friends who think I'm a bratty popular kid now.

  • But the idea of the outcast protester has a noble lineage in Argentine music and arts.

  • Do we ban everything that is potentially dangerous and turn the practitioners into social outcasts ?

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