Synonyms Of osteology

Definition Of osteology


the study of the structure and function of the skeleton and bony structures.

The book probes the limits of forensic osteology and examines both successes and failures.

Example Of osteology

  • A bone osteologist based at York University will undertake the examination of the human bones and this analysis will hopefully determine the age, sex and possible causes of death.

  • From the osteological point of view, we conclude that this creature does not belong to the plesiosaurian reptiles.

  • However the inner ear is divided, the osteological result is the same.

  • If a partly exposed skeleton is ‘deemed osteologically or archaeologically important’, the trench should be extended, but remains should otherwise be reinterred.

  • In 1880 he completed a Ph.D. in osteology and vertebrate paleontology at Yale.

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