Definition Of origin


a fixed point from which coordinates are measured, as where axes intersect.

Given ABC, we may assume its vertices lie on a circle centered at the origin of a Cartesian coordinate system.

the place or point where a muscle, nerve, or other body part arises, in particular.

the point or place where something begins, arises, or is derived.

a novel theory about the origin of oil

Example Of origin

  • a family of peasant origin

  • a novel theory about the origin of oil

  • A simple fascicle of the biceps inserting into the origin of the pronator teres Macalister has seen three times.

  • For example, the equations describing ordinary dynamics do not depend on where the origin of the co-ordinate system is.

  • Furthermore, it is an immediate consequence of Newton's Laws that the center of gravity of the two bodies can serve as the origin of an inertial coordinate system.

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