Definition Of open-handed


(of a blow) delivered with the palm of the hand.

an openhanded slap to the side of the face

giving freely; generous.

openhanded philanthropy

Example Of open-handed

  • After the Argentinian invasion of the Falklands, US assistance for its British ally was far from instant or open-handed .

  • And this open-handed warmth equally encompasses the friendly, obliging ship's crew.

  • Armed with this knowledge that the museum is such an open-handed lender, I intend to drop by sometime myself to see what's on offer.

  • Both these patriarchs fathered large families from a number of wives, both were intimately involved with the holy sanctuary of the Kaaba at Mecca and both were renowned for the open-handed generosity with which they cared for pilgrims.

  • Briant painted a picture of a meaningless post-pub altercation, an open-handed push, a momentary spat from which both parties walked away.

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