Definition Of old


belonging only or chiefly to the past; former or previous.

valuation under the old rating system was inexact

having lived for a long time; no longer young.

the old man lay propped up on cushions

of a specified age.

he was fourteen years old

used to express affection, familiarity, or contempt.

it gets the old adrenaline going

Example Of old

  • A team of four heavily built labourers had been contracted to demolish the old building to make way for a new office block.

  • Also, his obsession with time and punctuality does get old after a while, at times threatening to turn the character into a one-trick pony.

  • Although most likely in his thirties, the man had features that looked old beyond his years.

  • Apparently, there was concern about some old papers now in my possession and she was going to want to check them.

  • At a certain point the old system is full of too many contradictions to sustain itself.

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