Definition Of occlude


(of a tooth) close on or come into contact with another tooth in the opposite jaw.

The peglike first upper molar does not occlude with any tooth of the lower jaw, so it serves no clear function.

stop, close up, or obstruct (an opening, orifice, or passage).

thick makeup can occlude the pores

Example Of occlude

  • After acquiring Doppler sounds at the palmar arch, the RNFA occludes the radial artery flow.

  • All this is jam-packed into your sinuses and other nasal structures, occluding your airway completely.

  • An ascending dissection occasionally can occlude the ostium of a coronary artery and lead to myocardial infarction.

  • Because only one tooth row can occlude at a time in goats, the bite point acts as a fulcrum.

  • Cystourethroscopy showed a large bladder tumor completely occluding the right ureteric orifice.

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