Definition Of obscure


keep from being seen; conceal.

gray clouds obscure the sun

not discovered or known about; uncertain.

his origins and parentage are obscure

Example Of obscure

  • A set of trimmer figures and new tattoos show a band that's been sharpened by extended tours of an obscure but adoring and importantly, swelling international circuit.

  • According to the notes I've been sent, there seems to be a need to cut or alter all sorts of obscure references to German politicians and places because the audience here won't get them.

  • As a reporter for a major magazine she intended to write about what would no doubt be an odd, perhaps even bizarre practice by an obscure religious sect.

  • But Algeria still registers in Western media and minds as an obscure and vaguely mysterious place, somewhere on the periphery of the Middle East.

  • But somehow, in the process of cultural production, some obscure , unnoticed, maybe even unconscious revolution took place.

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