Meaning Of nutcase

Definition Of nutcase


a crazy or foolish person.

Or in some cases, they were just complete borderline nutcases with sociopathic tendencies.

Example Of nutcase

  • Alfred Nobel's discovery that nitroglycerine could be stabilised in paste was a boon to revolutionaries, assassins, dissidents and nutcases everywhere.

  • And that was the central argument of the first wave of books about Eichmann; that the guy's basically a weirdo, a pervert, a nutcase .

  • Before I had the baby, I was completely oblivious to a whole new realm of nutcases in society: random strangers who want to touch other peoples' babies.

  • By paying a huge ransom to the kidnappers, he merely added incentive to the nutcases to kidnap others; he raised the risks for the hundreds of British, among others, who are struggling to help rebuild the country.

  • Far too much airtime is given to nutcases like him.

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