Synonyms Of no go

Definition Of no go


a negative response; no.

Before the move can go ahead, both housing associations have to agree the swap, and while her housing association have accepted it, the other one says it's a no go because the house isn't big enough.

not ready or not functioning properly.

It was repeatedly stuck and no go until 11:15 a.m. when I headed to Lakeland College to teach the first of my classes in Writing Creative Nonfiction.

Example Of no go

  • Around town, much of the Central Business District is also a no go zone, with strips of orange and yellow bunting restricting access to sections of footpaths, roads and car parks.

  • Certain boroughs in that area are almost no go for my colleagues with shootings reported everyday.

  • He said: ‘We want to dispel the myth that Temple Hill Square is a no-go zone.’

  • Highway 8, between Baghdad and Hillah is also considered a no go route by humanitarian organisations.

  • In any case, large parts of the region could become a no go zone for the ‘legitimate’ government.

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