Definition Of nerveless


confident; not nervous.

with nerveless panache

inert; lacking vigor or feeling.

the knife dropped from Grant's nerveless fingers

lacking nerves or nervures.

Example Of nerveless

  • As she fell, the Hulk screamed and turned, ripping the gun from the cowboy's suddenly nerveless fingers.

  • Athletic were nerveless throughout and Rosbeg lost their third final in a row on penalties.

  • ‘That is a picture of my wife, Vana, and our twin sons Rog and Hal taken just two days before they were murdered,’ he said quietly, taking the picture from her nerveless fingers.

  • Big, strong and seemingly nerveless , he will frighten the life out of everyone when he grows up.

  • But then she saw he had dropped the gun from nerveless hands and she could not fault him at all.

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