Definition Of natural


(of a note) not sharped or flatted.

the bassoon plays G-natural instead of A-flat

(of a parent or child) related by blood.

such adopted children always knew who their natural parents were

a creamy beige color.

Colours are powdered pastels, warm naturals , primary colours and unusual accents.

a hand of cards, throw of dice, or other result that wins immediately, in particular.

You must have 2 naturals then you can play as many wild cards as you would like.

a person born with a learning disability.

They were deficient, but probably not to the extent that they might be called naturals or idiots.

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Example Of natural

  • A flat, natural , or sharp sign can be placed above it, to indicate a chromatic inflection of the upper note.

  • A run with a natural top card will beat a run with a wild top card.

  • A straight flush is the best natural hand.

  • Allinson has ably filled the show before, but Bruce is a natural for that time slot.

  • Already negotiations with the public service unions are going on and these talks should be allowed to take their natural course.

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