Definition Of narrowly


by only a small margin; barely.

he narrowly defeated Anderson to win a 12th term in office

closely or carefully.

he was looking at her narrowly

in a limited or restricted way.

narrowly defined tasks

Example Of narrowly

  • narrowly defined tasks

  • A mother believes her toddler escaped serious injury after he narrowly missed swallowing a piece of metal buried in a burger.

  • A Nissan Micra came screeching off the eastbound carriageway, narrowly missed their patrol car, and rolled up the bank into a field.

  • A Swindon schoolgirl who narrowly missed out on getting top prize in a national spelling competition says she is determined to win next year.

  • A two-inch nut shattered the window and showered glass into the vehicle as it pulled up outside the school, narrowly missing pupils.

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