Definition Of mussel


any of a number of bivalve mollusks with a brown or purplish-black shell.

The shop also has a wide range of seafood including tiger prawns, mussels , sea bream and breaded crab claws.

Example Of mussel

  • Add the vegetables, watercress and shelled mussels and clams to this, season to taste and serve.

  • Extract the meat from most of the mussels and discard the shells.

  • Four or five minutes later, add the clams, then the mussels and prawns, and stir in the saffron strands.

  • Fresh mussels , also known as poor man's oysters for their cheap abundance, are marvellous at this time of year.

  • I actually like rocks because you can find lots of stuff in them like mussels and crabs and shellfish.

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