Definition Of murk


darkness or thick mist that makes it difficult to see.

my eyes were straining to see through the murk of the rainy evening

murky; gloomy.

The sun peered down at her from the murk grey cloud rumbling their way down their road in the sky.

Example Of murk

  • Burst cattails and grass line the edge; the water is thick, a deep green murk , a beautiful green cocktail.

  • By diligently limiting the flashlight's movements during the exposures he gave the anemone a luminous vitality and kept the enveloping space murk .

  • Household items like the blare of the telephone's ring and the oppressive murk of Plath's London lighting scheme distort in her mind to create a homespun hell.

  • How did we expect to extract fish for four from this opaque murk ?

  • New York water is a special brew of ferocious currents, unforgiving temperatures, treacherous murk , and apocalyptic pollution.

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