Definition Of mossy


covered in or resembling moss.

mossy tree trunks

Example Of mossy

  • A slightly uneven surface is studded with irregular mossy rocks and covered with the northern European forest mixture of grass and creeping shrubs like bilberry.

  • Below dark cliffs and mossy overhangs lay olive groves, entire slopes terraced with backbreaking plots of retaining walls and water channels.

  • Ferns sprout from mossy lintels and trees reach for the sky from small, now-roofless rooms which were the living quarters of slaves.

  • Hardwood trees stretched out of sight towards the distant sky; five-fingered orchids crawled up their trunks, and huge ferns spilled over their roots across the mossy path.

  • He made sure he wasn't being watched and leaped over the veranda, landing with a soft thud on the mossy ground.

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