Definition Of mercantile


a general store.

we walked to the local mercantile

of or relating to trade or commerce; commercial.

the shift of wealth to the mercantile classes

Example Of mercantile

  • As prices fall further, bank loans turn sour, and one or more mercantile houses, banks, discount houses, or brokerages fail.

  • Attracted by the spice trade, English mercantile interests spread first to the Far East.

  • By mercantile usage, a bank has a lien over commercial paper deposited by the customer in the ordinary course of banking business.

  • Despite its great girth, Mr. Chernow's opus is less suitable for more advanced students, particularly those of a mercantile or financial bent.

  • If the Legislature approves sweeping business tax reforms - replacing the business privilege and mercantile taxes with a payroll tax - the board wants to control money raised by the new levy.

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