Definition Of melancholia

deep sadness or gloom; melancholy.

rain slithered down the windows, encouraging a creeping melancholia

Example Of melancholia

  • All the identified patients had psychotic illnesses: mania and melancholia , general paresis, and post-encephalitic states.

  • Also you do tend to suffer from a wee bit of melancholia and you quite enjoy it.

  • Amid the torrent of music coming out of the Balkans in the past year or two, this session, recorded in the historic town of Mostar, stands out by virtue of its simplicity and its aura of rapt melancholia .

  • Asylum doctors divided mental illness into four categories: mania (with an important subcategory, monomania), melancholia , dementia, and idiocy.

  • Contrasting greatly with the often-brooding melancholia of Tristeza, LaValle manages to inject an uplifting aspect into his solo work.

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