Synonyms Of mazier


Definition Of mazier


like a maze; labyrinthine.

the museum's mazy treasure house

Example Of mazier

  • And with almost his first touch, he tested the rearguard with a mazy dribble to the edge of the box but he just didn't get his shot in quickly enough.

  • Bidding for his fourth goal in five internationals, six minutes before the interval he picked up possession inside his own half before setting off on a glorious mazy run that had white shirts trailing in his wake.

  • Crawlways run as straight as dark directional lines, meeting others in mazy routes that confuse even the most observant caver.

  • Dozens of early explorers met their deaths down there, baffled by the mazy , alien geography, plagued by hunger, thirst and insolent kangaroos.

  • Even though he too often received static ball, he was able to make ground consistently and two mazy runs in particular led to home scores at crucial times.

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