Definition Of mawkish


sentimental in a feeble or sickly way.

a mawkish poem

Example Of mawkish

  • An awful sentimental barrage of mawkish music informed us of an appropriate emotional response.

  • But being nostalgic is often derided as being just mawkish or sentimental; what's your take on nostalgia and sport?

  • But the obvious pitfalls, of making the effort mawkish , sentimental and overly sanctimonious, are always there.

  • But to delight the spirit is not to engage in mawkishness or to cover the truth with a veneer of deceptive delicacy either, for the truth can never bear that.

  • But when the script turns to more romantic themes, it's never mawkish or sentimental, just grown-up.

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