Definition Of mat


a piece of protective material placed on a floor, in particular.

Just as it looked as if they were going to score their best ever result their protective floor mat came loose and they were forced to retire.

a small piece of cork, card, or similar material placed on a table or other surface to protect it from the heat or moisture of an object placed on it.

He is clearing the cards, the chips, the checkered mat off the table, putting them neatly into a briefcase.

a technology that uses chemicals (usually petrolatum, dimethicone, and polyquaternium) to reduce the ability of bacteria to adhere to the skin.

the company is developing MAT-containing soaps

a thick, untidy layer of something hairy or woolly.

his chest was covered by a thick mat of soft fair hair

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Example Of mat

  • a beach mat

  • After the clear-cutting, the north slope germinated a thick mat of young Douglas fir and larch.

  • As he came in stamping his muddy feet on the porch mat , she paused in the kitchen to listen.

  • As her feet hit the mat , a score of 9.95 flashed across the board.

  • Atop his head was a thick mat of dark red hair that bordered on maroon.

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