Definition Of maroon


a brownish-crimson color.

The schools new colours are maroon , royal blue and yellow.

a firework that makes a loud bang, used mainly as a signal or warning.

For years the start and end of the two minutes silence across the town has been signalled by the firing of a maroon - a firework-like device that produces a deafening boom.

a member of any of various communities in parts of the Caribbean who were originally descended from escaped slaves. In the 18th century Jamaican Maroons fought two wars against the British settlers, both of which ended with treaties affirming the independence of the Maroons.

Nanny was the greatest of the generals of the Maroons , runaway slaves who forged a society and an identity in the weedy-thick hill country of the Jamaican hinterland.

leave (someone) trapped and isolated in an inaccessible place, especially an island.

a novel about schoolboys marooned on a desert island

of a brownish-crimson color.

Besides the regular reddish maroon colour, there are cream pastes to leave pink, blue, violet, magenta designs on the skin.

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Example Of maroon

  • A few rugs were place around the room, deep gold and laced with maroon edges to match the upholstery of the couch.

  • A neat maroon carpet with gold lining was on the floor.

  • All roads into the town will be a sea of green and red and maroon and white as another generation answer the tribal call.

  • Anyway, very few flowers in my yard flaunt the single colours - bright yellow, soft pink, browny maroon , crimson - black - of my original sowing.

  • At the right was a living room covered with maroon wallpaper and gold moon and stars.

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