Definition Of madman


a man who is mentally ill.

We need to get away from the idea that the only people bound by demons are mentally deranged madmen .

Example Of madman

  • According to Le Carré and Boorman today we really are in the hands of fools and madmen .

  • After seeing the movie, and discovering that the tournament was moving to Brooklyn, I started practicing like a madman , downloading hundreds of old puzzles and buying up a bunch of books.

  • Another Year Five pupil disagreed with the laws, and said: ‘In this world there are serial killers, madmen , and lots of other lunatics.’

  • Band members were flailing around like puppets under the control of a madman .

  • By now, everyone along the wide corridor was chucking very hurtful comments at me, all laughing like madmen or madwomen.

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