Synonyms Of machete


Definition Of machete


a broad, heavy knife used as an implement or weapon, originating in Central America and the Caribbean.

In one hundred days nearly a million people were to die from bullets, grenades, machetes , and knives.

Example Of machete

  • A number of machetes and other sharp weapons, as well as the remains of two burned motorcycles, were also seized as evidence in the investigation.

  • At the police station, Nordi saw huge mobs armed with guns, bombs, machetes , and bows and arrows running through the streets.

  • For each of us dies only once and Ruanda showed you can kill eight hundred thousand people with machetes - with two machetes if the queue is long enough.

  • He now had their packs and survival gear, machine guns and machetes strapped to him.

  • He said the gangs fought with double-barrelled shotguns, machetes , broken bottles, iron bars.

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