Synonyms Of lunettes


Definition Of lunettes


something crescent-shaped, in particular.

On their lee sides some pans have clay dunes or lunettes composed of sandy, silty, clayey, and salty materials blown out from the pan floor.

Example Of lunettes

  • A perennial concern is the reconstruction of subjects of the lost lunettes above the surviving tiers of the frescoes.

  • According to Mariette, the fresco in the lunette on the wall opposite (on the right in the chapel) depicted Mary Magdalen in the desert.

  • An almost too perfect example of this anti-visual romance plot is that the first affectionate encounter between Lucy and Paul occurs when she breaks his precious lunettes .

  • At S. Vitale, above the lunettes , flying angels hold up clipei, and it is angels in this position that are also found on the marble table altar made by Bernard Gelduinus, in Toulouse, probably about 1096.

  • Brick stringcourses decorated rough stucco walls, while semicircular lunettes arched over the main floor windows.

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