Definition Of leash


a strap or cord for restraining and guiding a dog or other animal.

If he hadn't been tangled in the animal's leash , he would never have inadvertently brought the girl here in the first place.

put a leash on (a dog).

Larger dogs may be taken on the T during off-peak hours and must be leashed and controlled at all times.

Example Of leash

  • A prohibition on taking deposits in local currency, strict capital requirements and a lid on opening branches are keeping foreign giants on a tight leash .

  • All in place and connected, I unclipped my camera from its leash and descended the line.

  • All songs are on a midtempo leash as this pack of Swedes lead them into dark, uncharted places.

  • And they were not disappointed as Woods shot a sparkling seven under par 65 without ever being off the leash .

  • But if he never lets his characters off the leash , he leaves them a vast space in which to roam, giving the film a dramatic structure that's radically open and formless.

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