Synonyms Of lath

Definition Of lath

a thin flat strip of wood, especially one of a series forming a foundation for the plaster of a wall or the tiles of a roof, or made into a trellis or fence.

That's the condition you will wish to duplicate, and this can be done with slatted frames made of furring strips on which laths are tacked one half inch apart.

cover (a wall or ceiling) with laths.

Example Of lath

  • a lath and plaster wall

  • A ‘scratch coat’ of Portland cement and sand is then plastered onto the lath and allowed to dry.

  • A grid of supple oak laths was laid flat, then gradually lowered over 15 weeks to its undulating form.

  • A motorcycle and sidecar stood somewhat incongruously outside a yurt, a large domed tent constructed of sections of felt stitched over a framework of laths .

  • An on-the-spot verification revealed that various construction materials like pipes, trusses, joists and ceiling laths were gathering rust on the ground in the project's campus.

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