Definition Of lair


a wild animal's resting place, especially one that is well hidden.

What a desolation it has become, a lair for wild animals!

Example Of lair

  • A musky smell hangs in the air-not unpleasant, but more suggestive of a mammal's lair than a bird's nest.

  • A short gallery of sketches shows off Jun's sense of fashion; another sketch gallery includes production art for villains, secret lairs , and gadgets galore.

  • About two minutes later he returned with two doctors from his secret lair .

  • And in a hidden lair somewhere, no doubt, Ron " The Wizard " Perelman plots his revenge.

  • As it is an offence to kill or ‘knowingly disturb’ an otter, the developers will now have to construct a replacement holt - an underground lair - for the animals.

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