Definition Of lacrosse


a team game, originally played by North American Indians, in which the ball is thrown, caught, and carried with a long-handled stick having a curved L-shaped or triangular frame at one end with a piece of shallow netting in the angle.

The club, originally formed in 1872, hosts cricket, tennis, hockey, squash, racquet ball and lacrosse .

an industrial and commercial city in western Wisconsin, on the Mississippi River; population 50,902 (est. 2008).

Example Of lacrosse

  • A dozen Queen Margaret's School, Escrick, students have been selected for the county's hockey and lacrosse teams.

  • And they perform far more skillfully in soccer, lacrosse and softball than they do in basketball.

  • Even in indoor lacrosse they dress like hockey goalies, with a huge chest protector and huge gloves.

  • Even someone who has never played the game can find lacrosse quite entertaining.

  • For Georgie, 24, a keen sportswoman who has played both volleyball and lacrosse competitively, her new post also fulfils a dream.

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