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जू जू

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a charm or fetish, especially of a type used by some West African peoples.

These Sun jujus are made from recycled mardi gras beads based on a spiritcatcher/voodoo doll; hang this juju in a window near a door and it will help ward off evil spirits from your home or workplace.

a style of music popular among the Yoruba in Nigeria and characterized by the use of guitars and variable-pitch drums.

Perhaps Nigeria's most popular form of music is juju , which uses traditional drums and percussion instruments to back up vocals and complicated guitar work.

Example Of jujus

  • juju and witchcraft

  • After a horrible storm or war, or anytime a lot of people die, is there some sort of bad vibe or negative juju imprinted on the landscape?

  • But for some it was an exercise in calming the nerves as the belief in the power of muti or juju set in.

  • He said although Mulozyi had earlier indicated that he would use juju and turned up in the ring with some fetishes, the fight was allowed to go on because they thought it was mere psychological warfare.

  • Just as he has repeated encounters with juju that leave him open-mouthed, he has encounters with the loss of communal life that both imperialism and Western religion have caused.

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