Definition Of jog


a slight push or nudge.

a spell of jogging.

his morning jog

nudge or knock slightly.

a hand jogged his elbow

run at a steady gentle pace, especially on a regular basis as a form of physical exercise.

he began to jog along the road

Example Of jog

  • A thumping in the distance made him tense with fear and he slowed his pace to a jog .

  • After a quick bite to eat I go for a 20 minute jog followed by an hour and a half of weight training.

  • After my morning jog , I felt ready to face the day.

  • As he quickened his pace to a jog , he saw a swift shape dart up a curling stairway.

  • At the sight of this event, the opponent became worried and quickened his pace into nearly a jog .

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