Definition Of intonation


accuracy of pitch in playing or singing, or on a stringed instrument such as a guitar.

poor woodwind intonation at the opening

the opening phrase of a plainsong melody.

the rise and fall of the voice in speaking.

she spoke English with a German intonation

Example Of intonation

  • But the quandary remains: if inflection and intonation are a natural part of speaking, what are we to do with them when sacred texts are read?

  • Characteristic is his perfect intonation and breath management as well as excellent phrasing and imaginative use of ornaments when he confronts difficult trills head-on.

  • Don't start with the Second or Third Concertos, which are marred by sour intonation from the French musicians.

  • He plays multiple characters, simultaneously, in bizarre sketches without using dialogue and relies only on body language and voice intonation .

  • Her intonation is rising throughout, partly due to the presence of so many questions and exclamations, but also because the lines follow on each other so rapidly.

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