Definition Of instant


(in business letters) of the current month.

your letter of the 6th instant

a precise moment of time.

come here this instant!

a very short space of time; a moment.

for an instant the moon disappeared

happening or coming immediately.

the offense justified instant dismissal

instant coffee.

Many sins are forgivable, but charging handsomely for coffee that comes directly from an outsized tin of own-label instant is not one of them.

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Example Of instant

  • A beech hedge that keeps its russet-brown leaves right through winter is the perfect instant garden solution for a bare, brand new plot.

  • At the precise instant that both boys entered the astounding world of 3 - D, they emitted low moans of amazement.

  • But can these long-term goals overcome consumers' short attention spans and need for instant gratification?

  • But suddenly, the light flickered and flashed out in an instant .

  • But when the children began to read the names, two years disappeared in an instant .

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