Synonyms Of imprecation


Definition Of imprecation


a spoken curse.

she hurled her imprecations at anyone who might be listening

Example Of imprecation

  • Croft galloped past the cart, the farmer's imprecations following him down the road.

  • Early on, many Christian interpreters resorted to non-literal and allegorical readings of the Old Testament, especially of such difficult passages as the imprecatory psalms.

  • He is, at this moment, hunched over his unstolen cellphone in tears, begging, pleading, mumbling imprecations for me to call him and relieve his torment.

  • Howell was muttering threats and imprecations .

  • It may reflect a limitation to Nehemiah's great strengths or it may reflect zeal for the glory of God, as similarly reflected in the imprecatory psalms and prayers in the Old and New Testaments.

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