Definition Of hypnotic


(of a drug) sleep-inducing.

Patients typically need large doses of sedative hypnotic drugs and four-point restraints during this stage.

a person under or open to the influence of hypnotism.

a sleep-inducing drug.

‘Pediatricians recommend everything from benadryl to hypnotics to chamomile tea,’ she says.

of, producing, or relating to hypnosis.

a hypnotic state

Example Of hypnotic

  • A small number of people who go into a very deep hypnotic state experience spontaneous amnesia.

  • After receiving hypnotic psychotherapy, she remembered falling off a bicycle when riding down a slope about 10 years earlier.

  • All subjects were in good health and had no contraindications to hypnotic medications.

  • Although used more often for its hypnotic properties, valerian is taken to relieve mild symptoms of anxiety.

  • As he spoke for those two hypnotic hours, he appealed not to my emotion, but to reason.

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