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Definition Of hurrah

an utterance of the word “hurrah.”.

Everyone ought to lead a parade once in their life, just to experience the curious sensation of marching down the middle of the street to cheers and hurrahs .

shout “hurrah.”.

The young men, fired by the strong wine, shouted and hurrahed , and shrieked, and such a din arose as threatened to drown the music.

used to express joy or approval.

Hurrah! She's here at last!

Example Of hurrah

  • A huge explosion of hoorays came from the inter-com.

  • Actually, the Italian Prime Minister deserves a double chorus of hurrahs !

  • And Vince is slowly but surely recovering - hurray !

  • Bridget hurrahed , and they ran home to our raised-ranch with raised-hopes!

  • But when you are woken up by jugglers throwing batons and chainsaws, and all the hurrahs , that gets a little annoying.

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