Definition Of hold


a fortress.

a large space in the lower part of a ship or aircraft in which cargo is stowed.

Each unit costs a different amount and they also take up a certain amount of space in the cargo hold of the ship.

an act or manner of grasping something; a grip.

he caught hold of her arm

arrange and take part in (a meeting or conversation).

a meeting was held at the church

contain or be capable of containing (a specified amount).

the tank held twenty-four gallons

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Example Of hold

  • hold it right there, pal!

  • hold the line

  • A policeman caught hold of him and dragged him over the fence to safety, leaving him with nothing more serious than bruises.

  • a strawberry margarita, but hold the tequila

  • After that, though, there wasn't much to hold their interest, and they both sank into a doze.

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