Definition Of hold-up


a robbery conducted with the use of threats or violence.

three dead in armored car holdup

a situation that causes delay, especially to a journey.

Example Of hold-up

  • A gang of robbers in Japan stole R2,7million in a bank hold-up in Fukuoka, then caught a bullet train.

  • A robber who stole almost $15,000 in an armed hold-up of a Tasmanian bank had been inspired by a movie he had watched with a girlfriend the night before.

  • According to a council spokesman the delays stretched throughout the one-way system, with particularly bad hold-ups in Buckhold Road.

  • According to the French Banking Federation, bank robberies have been increasing and there are about five bank-related hold-ups a day in France.

  • But a lengthy hold-up over the signing of contracts could stall the launch until summer 2005, meaning it will not now be open for the money-spinning Christmas period.

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