Definition Of high-handed


using power or authority without considering the feelings of others.

they oppose this cruel and high-handed takeover

Example Of high-handed

  • All the while, however, they take the high-handed attitude that they know better than the average citizen and that, if there are bugs in Scottish water, then it is up to them to decide when the public will learn of the risks.

  • As a result of this high-handed attitude the credibility of the ministry has been severely weakened and it will take time for it to be rebuilt.

  • As far as I am concerned it was a high-handed decision made without any regard for the feelings of the local people.

  • At the council meeting, Labour's David Green said the decision had been high-handed and senseless.

  • But I find it much more heartening to note that more and more people are realising that they don't have to put up with such high-handedness and that their ultimate sanction is to go elsewhere.

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