Meaning Of hidings

ताड़ना करना

Synonyms Of hidings


Definition Of hidings


a physical beating.

they took off after him, caught him, and gave him a hiding

the action of concealing someone or something.

The house we lived in was brilliant for hiding : lots of dark corners, low shelves, heavy curtains and piles of coats or dressing up clothes stacked in a big old chest.

Example Of hidings

  • A computer programmer from Wigan has gone into hiding after winning the jackpot on TV's Who Wants to be A Millionaire?

  • A couple of good points from Therese Keenan sealed the issue and St. Laurences were suddenly on the wrong end of a ten-point hiding .

  • A few results offered false hope - a victory on Boxing Day away to Motherwell, Livingston taking a hiding at Perth.

  • A woman has gone into hiding after the businessman husband who tried to kill her was freed on bail, eight months into a 12-year jail term.

  • Alert readers may have noticed that the England cricket team has been on the wrong end of several hidings in recent years, and indeed have sunk to the level that they are now regarded as the weakest of the ‘top’ cricket nations.

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