Synonyms Of hereabouts


Definition Of hereabouts


near this place.

there is little natural water hereabouts

Example Of hereabouts

  • A bit of me thinks that only hereabouts would this count as a defining characteristic.

  • ‘Christ, we got away with one there,’ is an oft heard phrase hereabouts after yet another bungle in the field or a rank howler from the men in white.

  • Built by William the Conqueror, it and 17,270 Yorkshire acres hereabouts are owned (in a constitutionally convoluted fashion) by the Duchy of Lancaster (the Queen).

  • For souvenir-hunters returning after a sojourn in God's Own Country, Kerala Tourism has come out with just what they would have wished for: a glossy brochure which lets them have a peek at a few of the most exquisite keepsakes hereabouts .

  • I don't know what it is about west Auckland but there's a ton of filming going on hereabouts .

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