Definition Of hallucinates


experience a seemingly real perception of something not actually present, typically as a result of a mental disorder or of taking drugs.

people sense themselves going mad and hallucinate about spiders

Example Of hallucinates

  • After a few nights of absolutely no sleep, some people begin hallucinating .

  • After awhile subjects become disoriented and begin to hallucinate uncontrollably.

  • Also from Miike, FanTasia screened Gozu, a film that begins with a crazed gangster who hallucinates that a tiny Chihuahua is ‘a trained Yakuza attack dog’ and smashes the hapless creature against a restaurant window.

  • As long as we're doing this, does anyone remember the episode where Buffy is stabbed by a demon and she hallucinates that she is in a mental ward and that the events of the last couple years were schizophrenic delusions.

  • At the far end of Turnham Green I believe I'm hallucinating a mirage, until from the swinging sign before me emerge the words ‘Sandwich Shop’.

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