Synonyms Of gunmetal

Definition Of gunmetal

a gray, corrosion-resistant form of bronze containing zinc, formerly used for making cannon.

Chill cast leaded gunmetals are widely used for miscellaneous small bushes of low stressing but they are, of course, considerably less wear resistant than gunmetal and phosphor bronzes.

Example Of gunmetal

  • A wedge with a gunmetal or black finish can even make the clubhead appear smaller.

  • All the castings - a total of 24 adorn the gates and railings - are made of gunmetal , chosen as it is a hard-wearing and weatherproof material.

  • Although it's his big eyes that draw the most attention: such stunningly cold gunmetal gray, with a ring of bright blue close to the pupil.

  • As for your domicile there are dining furniture sets, made of gunmetal , brought all the way from Hyderabad and priced at Rs.2,200.

  • As he played around with colors, he decided to scrap the bright silver for a more subdued gunmetal gray.

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