Definition Of gull


a long-winged, web-footed seabird with a raucous call, typically having white plumage with a gray or black mantle.

I could go on and on about the many herons, egrets, gulls , terns, and various and sundry other species we spotted yesterday.

a person who is fooled or deceived.

The title of this piece might seem to be no more than a comment on the ease with which the flats, mugs, suckers, punters, marks, gulls , or coneys could be relieved of their money.

fool or deceive (someone).

workers had been gulled into inflicting poverty and deprivation upon themselves

Example Of gull

  • A pelagic gull , this kittiwake spends most of the year at sea.

  • A variety of birds make their homes around the harbour including yellow eyed and blue penguins, black back gulls , and five types of cormorants.

  • Americans too easily let themselves be gulled by the preachments of their leaders in wartime.

  • Besides a few gulls and black ducks, we had the place to ourselves.

  • Carrion crows, large gulls , hawks and herons all receive severe punishment.

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