Definition Of groovy


fashionable and exciting.

sporting a groovy new haircut

Example Of groovy

  • Ambitious enough to want to push the envelope (though they'd probably settle for shedding their cardiganed cosiness) and rich enough to see it through, they have enlisted a crew of groovily obscure collaborators to update things.

  • Best of all by far was having lunch with the eternally groovy and wonderful Kate, as she took a brief moment out of her hectic homehunting schedule.

  • For the first 40 or so minutes they played rock song after rock song, bathing the sitting and standing crowd in David's signature rock grooviness .

  • Her shop is small, neat and full of bags which cleverly walk the line between smart and groovy .

  • If you know someone you think is groovy who would be perfect for someone else you think is groovy , why not go for it?

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