Meaning Of greasy spoon

चिपचिपा चम्मच

Synonyms Of greasy spoon

Definition Of greasy spoon

a cheap, run-down cafe or restaurant serving fried foods.

The brunch she cooked was little better than he could get at a greasy spoon or fast food restaurant.

Example Of greasy spoon

  • After a chance meeting in a greasy spoon café, Tim and Daisy end up living together in a North London flat, under the guise of being a professional couple.

  • Anyway, so I made it to work, did a couple of hours work and announced that I needed a greasy spoon .

  • For those who prefer being indoors (so much better for your skin) then we have asked round our mates for their top 10 greasy spoons .

  • Gay venues are on the rise, particularly in Edinburgh; there are more gastropubs doing good food; fewer greasy spoons and bakers, but more and more tea rooms and coffee shops.

  • I discovered an unassuming greasy spoon full with many of the people I had seen in the bar.

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