Definition Of govern


(of a word) require that (another word or group of words) be in a particular case.

the Latin preposition “cum” governs nouns in the ablative

conduct the policy, actions, and affairs of (a state, organization, or people).

he was incapable of governing the country

Example Of govern

  • A fifty-member volunteer board of directors governed the organization.

  • A policy governing the allocation of space for buses and taxis at council-owned ranks around Johannesburg has been approved after a series of consultative workshops.

  • According to the organisers, laws and regulations governing our marine environment are a mess of contradiction, loopholes and environmental lunacy.

  • Complex laws and regulations govern the cancellation of debts once soldiers leave the service, he said.

  • Drug testing, legal and social issues, and future directions by sports governing organizations are also discussed.

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