Definition Of glue


an adhesive substance used for sticking objects or materials together.

Adhesives and glues are substances that are capable of bonding two solid materials together at their surfaces.

fasten or join with or as if with glue.

the wood is cut up into small pieces which are then glued together

Example Of glue

  • After building a wall of sandbags outside the shop, he glued the door shut, put silicone around it and settled in.

  • And these are enzymes that make up a gluey , sticky substance, known as glucan, and the bacteria make this from sugar.

  • Because the tongue of a young woodpecker has a smooth tip, the sticky, glue-like saliva is used to pull grubs out of their galleries.

  • Classic pollo con mole is attended by bland, gluey refried beans in a tacky taco cup, rice and a green salad dressed with a suspiciously un-Mexican Dijon vinaigrette.

  • Every day she would proudly leave the Club with some brilliant construction in lolly sticks, paint and glue .

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