Definition Of glad


a gladiolus.

The major insect pest of glads is the gladiolus thrip.

make happy; please.

Albion's lessening shore could grieve or glad mine eye

pleased; delighted.

she was alive, which was something to be glad about

Example Of glad

  • All right, well, we're certainly glad to hear that, that all of this was in place.

  • And we're glad to welcome him to do that, and we'll be right back after this.

  • Both were delicious, however, I was glad for the extra sauce that I'd chosen to accompany these dishes.

  • But when he returned to his room to give his other half the glad tidings, the housekeeper, who was listening to the story, interrupted to tell them that she knew of plenty of empty rooms.

  • Finally, my front door came into view; something I was glad for.

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