Definition Of gemara


a rabbinical commentary on the Mishnah, forming the second part of the Talmud.

We left off the last installment in the 3rd century with the writing of the Mishna and Gemara which became the Talmud.

Example Of gemara

  • After the attack, he closed the Gemara [an extensive legal code, which together with the Mishnah forms the Talmud] and read chapters from the Book of Psalms for the recovery of the wounded.

  • From this Mishna we can understand the answer of the Gemara .

  • He answers that the Gemara is trying to teach us that in order to advance in Judaism we must do so in levels, little by little, until we reach our proper level.

  • He recently addressed the student body and quoted a Gemara which states that each person only has a certain amount of words which he is granted to use in his lifetime.

  • How can the Gemara learn anything from this episode?

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